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Mizzu: Magic in Pink Stripe Boxes

Hello Beauties
It's finally time for another blog update! In this special post me and other Bali Beauty Bloggers are collaborating with Mizzu Cosmetics. A well know local brand in Indonesia which was famous for their eyeliner back in 2014.

But honestly speaking this is the first time that I have ever tried their product. But I am far away from disappointment as their products will fulfil all your secret make up desires. High quality, friendly for beginners and affordable. You don't have to worry about your value of money with this one!

Packaging wise, they are really cute. Pink and Oreo stripes couldn't make their products more playful.
Travel friendly as well I may say, as the eye shadow are packed into 3 gradient colours each with a mini double sided brush that you can just keep in your pocket.

The first product that I am going to review is their falsies! I got mine called "Aretha". I really like how they are bendable and falls on the shape of my eyes so easily. This is the best fake eyelashes so far that I have ever tried. I will definitely repurchase this one item :3

Dear all falsie newbies out there.. Mizzu lashes will make all your dreams come true! <3

The next one would be their eye shadow palette, I got mine in Velvet Plum 04. The pros would be it's travel friendly, it has got nice colour selection and double sided brush.

What took me in awe was their pigmentation. They were so pigmented and rich in colour from the very first stroke. For an eye shadow palette as affordable as 45K (around AU$4.5). This is probably as good as you can get.

But I also realised that the colours fade gradually in just about an hour. But that might also be because I didn't put any eye shadow base.

I used Loovelush glue from AiGlow Lashes to help me stick the falsies. I really like their thin applicator, making it really easy to apply on the lashes or even just adding a bit of glue in the corners. They also have a clear light gel like texture so you will never put too much glue that will stick you real eyelashes.

Surprisingly, this glue turned out better than my Shu Emura glue. Now I have more motivation to put falsies more often, not just during events, haha.

Overall, I love all the products. Thank you Mizzu Cosmetics and AiGlow Lashes for the collaboration and trust in Bali Beauty Blogger. 

Here are some selfies of me while using Mizzu eyeshadow and eye lashes


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That's all for now, thank you for stopping by and I hope you find it useful ^^

Have a great weekend!



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