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Sensatia Botanicals: Product of the Nature

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I'm back with a new product review here, yay! So I've just discovered this brand called Sensatia Botanicals. They are a local brand originated from Bali. I always have a thing for local brands. It's basically because they normally don't cost as expensive and work just as well. Another thing is if we can have something made locally, why purchase imported ones right?

By supporting local brands we also support our local labours and workers. Which indirectly provides more job offers as the business grows. We also basically help our beloved country Indonesia move a step further away from poverty! Such a small act with a huge impact, isn't it?

But that's not the only positive side about Sensatia Botanicals. Their products are also natural and organic. It is mentioned clearly that they use only the finest raw material, producing 100% safe and natural products. Wow, that sounds promising!

No wonder, now Sensatia is trademarked in more than 40 countries. Sensatia is also Bali's first and only GMP Certified Cosmetic Company so far. They also supply their products to 5 stars hotels such as Alila Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Karma Resorts, Peppers Sentosa Seminyak, W Retreat & Spa Bali, The Stones Hotel Legian, Mandapa Ritz Carlton, The Katamama @ PotatoHead and the list goes on.

And for people outside Indonesia, you don't have to worry cause they ship worldwide! I might even buy some more Sensatia products to stock in Australia. You can simply go to their website and place your order. They provide all the details that you will ever need to know, such as ingredients, directions of use and even the skin type that each products are suitable for. So don't hesitate and give this brand a shot!

Here are the 5 products that I had the opportunity to review:

1. Unscented Sensitive Cream Cleanser ($15)
"The most important part of maintaining clear, healthy skin is with meticulous cleansing."

 Designed for all skin types, this product has won my heart. With its smooth and creamy texture, this product does a great job at removing my daily make up (base make up & brows) without needing make up remover at all and keeping my skin smooth and supple. Love love <3

Imagining putting all the natural ingredients on my face without having to worry the existence of any paraben give this product a double thumbs up. Although I should tell you in advance that my skin is combination and I'm only a bit oily on the T-zone. So it might work the same way for you, although they are suitable for all skin types. 

 Loaded with pure aloe vera juice, shea tree butter, green tea, rosehip, jojoba, kakadu plum, sea buckthorn, starfruit & papaya extracts.
Say hello to baby-like cheeks!

2. Acne Clarifying Charcoal Mask ($12)

Nowadays, Charcoal is one of the most used ingredient in high-end face masks. You might be wondering what's so special about this grey mud-like ingredient. So, charcoal is actually proven to be really effective in lifting up extensive make up and dirt which clogs up the pores of our face.

This earthy mask is also good for removing acne, although I had none at that time so I wasn't able to prove it. What I felt really surprised about was it's peeling effect. The box mentioned that it removes dead skin from your face but I didn't expect it to be that effective. I am saying this because my face felt really tingly as it dries up, like the feeling that I get after a facial and they put a peeling serum on my face, wow.

Simply rinse with warm water after usage.

Made out of pure kaolin clay and charcoal made from coconut husk we add starfruit, tamarind & gotu kola extracts and a boom-boom-pow acne-clarifying combination of tea tree, lemon & peppermint essential oils.

This mask is suitable to oily of acne prone skin.

3. Revitalising Hair Mask ($18)

Did you know that pampering your hair with a luscious hair mask every once a week is the answer to a healthy hair? It turns out that conditioner itself is not enough to keep your hair smooth and silky. Especially for those who regularly style their hair with hot iron. Extra measures such as serum, vitamin and masks are needed to revitalise its natural growing environment.

Loaded with aloe vera juice & shea butter; tamarind fruit extract & wild honey; meadow foam seed, coconut, avocado, extra virgin olive & argan oils; Argan & Tamarind Revitalising Hair Mask will surely spring life back into your hair.

Hair mask was the solution to my dry and split ends problems. Now masking my hair has been a weekly habit of mine. Not to mention how convenient and easy it is to do at home thanks to Sensatia Botanicals. Simply massage into damp hair preferably after washing, massage and wrap in warm towel for 15 minutes.

And there you have your healthy radiant hair. Personally I think this product is not creamy and moisturising enough, probably because it is only made out of natural ingredient but for people who do not like products that sticks on their hair. This is your perfect match!

You can use 1 packet of hair mask for about 3-5 times depending on your hair length.

4. Facial C-Serum Jasmine Blossom ($18)

Did you know that vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles and improves skin texture?
That's why this yellow coloured serum has became a part of my daily make up routine. After only using it for about a week I have felt my skin brightening up. It is also know to improve skin elasticity. This is definitely the new organic anti-aging skin formula. Paraben free and 100% natural. Yes, Vit C is the answer!

A light-yet-essential flowery sweet concoction packed with pure botanicals of aloe vera, jojoba bean, seabuckthorn, rosehip, ginseng root, starfruit & jasmine blossom to help nourish & protect skin.

The true star of the show is the USDA Organic, Wild Harvested Kakadu Plum Extract, an Australian superfruit containing the worlds richest source of vitamin C, (70x more than an orange.) 

Although the colour seems a bit thick at first it will disappear when you spread it and it doesn't give you a yellow skin tone ;)

5. Botanical Lip Protection ($5.95)
This one is a personal favourite. Lip products are always part of my travel essential kit. I always keep a lip balm and at least 2 lip colouring products in my bag (either a lip tint & a lipstick or a pair of lipsticks). Not for the sake of kissing like in the description of the product, but honestly chappy lips are such a turn off, haha.
Sensatia’s Botanical Lip Protection contains 100% pure, plant-based oils that are protein-
rich and packed with vitamins & minerals. 
Made of peppermint, aniseed, rose geranium, cocoa seed absolute essential oils and wild Bali honey.
Bye-bye chappy lips!

Overall, I really like all of their products! Especially the thought that it's all natural and paraben free. The price are also affordable so a restock to my cosmetic cupboard will definitely happen in a few weeks, haha. Varieties of smell and ingredients are also a win :)

Perfect for gifting as a souvenir from Bali as well, so don't forget to stop by at one of their stores!

Me at their Lippo mall (Kuta) branch

Sensatia Botanicals

Visit Website:
Instagram: sensatia_botanicals

Retail Shop Locations:

720 Jln. Pantai Jasri, Jasri Kelod
Karangasem, Bali 80813
Phone/ Fax (62) 363 232 60
click for google map
NUSA DUA | Bali Collection
Unit A3 #12B, BTDC Nusa Dua,
Bali Indonesia 80361
Phone (62) 361 472 8563
click for google map

CANGGU | Popular Deli Canggu
Jl. Subak Sari - Batu Belig
Canggu, Bali 80361
Phone (62) 361 370 5999
UBUD | Monkey Forest
64 Jln. Monkey Forest, Ubud Kelod
Gianyar, Bali 80571
Phone (62) 361 340 0011
click for google map
KUTA | Lippo Mall Kuta
Unit GF 57, Jl. Kartika Plaza
Lingk. Segara, Kuta, Bali 80361
Phone (62) 361 846 9492
click for google map

SEMINYAK | Seminyak Village
Unit F21 Jl. Kayu Jati
Seminyak, Kuta, Bali 80361
Phone (62) 361 474 1927
click for google map

KUTA | Legian Kuta

Jl. Legian No.133 - Blok F
Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361
Phone (62) 361 475 3353
click for google map

JAKARTA | Supermal Karawaci
Unit LG 67, 105 Blvr. Diponegoro
Tangerang, Banten, Java 15811 
Phone (62) 21 546 6004
click for google map

KUTA | Papaya Bali
Jl. Merthanadi, Lingk. Abianbase
Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361
Phone (62) 361 762 960
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