Selasa, 12 September 2017

TroveSkin: Aplikasi untuk kulitmu!

Halo para beauties!
Setelah sekian lama terjebak dalam kesibukan universitas dan komunitas, akhirnya aku bisa ngeblog lagi nih. Beberapa hari yang lalu saat aku liburan ke Bali di tengah study break ku, yang sedihnya hanya berlangsung seminggu, aku sempat bertemu dengan teman-teman Bali Beauty Blogger, finally!

Dan jadi tau tentang aplikasi yang sedang lumayan hype di kalangan para beauty enthusiast, yang disebut TroveSkin.

Apakah TroveSkin itu?

TroveSkin adalah aplikasi perawatan kulit yang mampu menganalisa kulit kita dari segi pori-pori, kerutan, pigmentasi, dll. Troveskin juga bisa track progress skin kalian loh, kita jadi bisa tau deh produk-produk skincare mana yang cocok dengan kulit kita maupun yang tidak.

Selain itu TroveSkin juga memiliki fitur untuk merekomendasikan produk berdasarkan data yang dikumpulkan dari hasil analisa kulitmu, TroveSkin memberikan rekomendasi khusus mengenai produk perawatan kulit yang paling sesuai untuk kulitmu.

Apakah TroveSkin bermanfaat?

Bagiku aplikasi ini sangat membantu, aku tidak perlu jauh-jauh ke dermatologist atau dokter kulit untuk mengetahui kondisi kulitku. Apalagi dengan musim dan kondisi cuaca yang berubah-ubah baik di Australia maupun di Indonesia, waktu-waktuku bisa di fokuskan untuk belajar dan bonding dengan keluarga deh. Jika merasa kulit agak kasar tinggal mengambil foto melalui aplikasi TroveSkin.

Berikut adalah contoh kedua hasil analisa TroveSkin terhadap kulitku, satunya sebelum dan sesudah aku menggunakan sleeping mask :)

Improvementnya langsung kelihatan kan?

TroveSkin menyelesaikan 2 masalah pengguna:
Apakah produk perawatan kulitmu BENAR-BENAR bekerja?
Produk perawatan kulit mana yang paling COCOK untukmu?

Dan good newsnya, aplikasi TroveSkin GRATIS!
Tunggu apa lagi ladies? 
Unduh aplikasi ini sekarang juga di gadget kalian! <3



Minggu, 12 Maret 2017

Make Over: Eyecentric Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

Hi there, Beauties!
I’m back with another product review. This time Bali Beauty Bloggers are collaborating with Make Over, one of the biggest brand in the make up industry of Indonesia. I feel so grateful to be part of this community and to be able to work with different make up companies.

Price wise, Make Over cost about the same as Maybeline and other drug store cosmetic brands. But since this product is 100% local. I feel quite proud being an Indonesian and prefer them over USA based brands.

In this blog, I will be reviewing their Smokey Eyeshadow palette, part of their Eyecentric collection. I also received a silver Eyecentric make up pouch with it. From the packaging, I think it’s quite stylish and travel friendly. It’s small and light for an 8 colour palette, paired with a dual sided brush as well for convenience.

Smokey make over palette 195K

For the colour selection it’s also quite satisfying. Although I personally would prefer more low tone brown hues or any neutral hues for mix and match. Their colours are radiant, glamorous and perfect for dinner and evening parties. With just one make up palette you will be able to create many different looks by combining different colour selection. They also have bold colours that could stand on their own.

This palette sort of reminds me of Gwen Stefani's Urban Decay Palette. Pigmentation is also not so bad although it’s not extravagant as well. I had higher hopes tho, but not using an eyeshadow base would probably be one of the reason. Blending the colours aren’t that easy so apply your strokes carefully.

In these pictures I used their purple and rose pink colour hues with a bit of black on the crease and edges. The exact colours were, peach lady like, twilight and black stiletto. I started with peach lady like from the front part of the eye until about 2/3rd of my eyelids, then overlap it with the twilight colour and lastly give it more drama by adding an edgy touch using the black stiletto on the crease and the end of the eye. Honestly, I am really not used to putting eye shadow under my eyes, I think I should start giving it a try >.<

Overall I am quite happy with this product, considering the price, value of money, the packaging, colour selection and pigmentation. I think it’s really worth a try. But I would probably think twice about repurchasing.

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Kamis, 09 Maret 2017

Mizzu: Magic in Pink Stripe Boxes

Hello Beauties
It's finally time for another blog update! In this special post me and other Bali Beauty Bloggers are collaborating with Mizzu Cosmetics. A well know local brand in Indonesia which was famous for their eyeliner back in 2014.

But honestly speaking this is the first time that I have ever tried their product. But I am far away from disappointment as their products will fulfil all your secret make up desires. High quality, friendly for beginners and affordable. You don't have to worry about your value of money with this one!

Packaging wise, they are really cute. Pink and Oreo stripes couldn't make their products more playful.
Travel friendly as well I may say, as the eye shadow are packed into 3 gradient colours each with a mini double sided brush that you can just keep in your pocket.

The first product that I am going to review is their falsies! I got mine called "Aretha". I really like how they are bendable and falls on the shape of my eyes so easily. This is the best fake eyelashes so far that I have ever tried. I will definitely repurchase this one item :3

Dear all falsie newbies out there.. Mizzu lashes will make all your dreams come true! <3

The next one would be their eye shadow palette, I got mine in Velvet Plum 04. The pros would be it's travel friendly, it has got nice colour selection and double sided brush.

What took me in awe was their pigmentation. They were so pigmented and rich in colour from the very first stroke. For an eye shadow palette as affordable as 45K (around AU$4.5). This is probably as good as you can get.

But I also realised that the colours fade gradually in just about an hour. But that might also be because I didn't put any eye shadow base.

I used Loovelush glue from AiGlow Lashes to help me stick the falsies. I really like their thin applicator, making it really easy to apply on the lashes or even just adding a bit of glue in the corners. They also have a clear light gel like texture so you will never put too much glue that will stick you real eyelashes.

Surprisingly, this glue turned out better than my Shu Emura glue. Now I have more motivation to put falsies more often, not just during events, haha.

Overall, I love all the products. Thank you Mizzu Cosmetics and AiGlow Lashes for the collaboration and trust in Bali Beauty Blogger. 

Here are some selfies of me while using Mizzu eyeshadow and eye lashes


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Selasa, 21 Februari 2017

Latteria Gelato PIK

Hello peeps!
While I was in Jakarta I visited this little gelato bar that was really hype at that moment. I don't know about it now. But their ratings everywhere is pretty good. 4.4 on google review and the same goes for zomato. This not-so-hidden gem is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK).

Being a huge gelato fan, I told myself that I have to try this one. So glad to finally made it. My first impression when I entered the store was simple and not to spacey. The decorations and mural are just where they are suppose to be. It was pretty cool inside the store for an endless summer and Jakarta's tropical weather.

There was a large group which looks like a bunch of high schoolers having a meeting or something. I'm pretty sure there were at least 10 of them. So I guess Latteria is a pretty okay place to have a meeting of even just gather around and chill.

But honestly I was quite surprised when I read their menu on the blackboard. I find their flavors selection rather unique and unusual. Their names were unique but not all explained their flavors, but luckily the have a brief description below their names. Hope you can read them in my little pictures.

Some of the flavors were a mixture of tea flavors. My favourite was Perfect match. I got their last scoop available and if I'm not mistaken it's a mixture of chamomile gelato and cherry drizzle. Chamomile is my favourite tea before I go to sleep and what's better than having a gelato version of it! haha. The taste was refreshing a bit sour and not to sweet, just perfect! I also tried other flavors and my second favorite would have to go to Crack' em, one of their all time best seller. It has Hokkaido milk gelato as it's base, mixed with caramel salt cookies. So smooth and milky, love it!


 A fun fact is they change flavors every 2 weeks. If I'm not mistaken they had a total of more that one hundred of flavors, that's why they are always changing. Sorry if I'm wrong tho! It has been more that 2 months so my memory is a bit rusty, haha.

Nevertheless giving them another visit after 2 weeks time should keep you off getting bored. The staffs are really friendly and let you try a lot of flavors if you ask nicely and they provide free WiFi too!

The price starts from 38K for a small cup with a mix of 2 flavors. 50K for medium cup with 3 flavors and 63 K for large cup with 4 flavors. You can take away as well. Pretty good for a premium artisan gelato and definitely cheaper than international brands that we normally consume.

Latteria Gelato and Dessert Bar
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 39
Bukit Golf Mediterania, PIK
Jakarta Utara

Overall, I love the place, the vibe and the gelato. This place is definitely worth to try! I might comeback if I ever visit Jakarta again.

That's all for now, thank you for stopping by and I hope you find my post useful!



Jumat, 27 Januari 2017

Radio-frequency Treatment at Olivia Bali

Hello beauties! How are you doing lately? I believe people are celebrating Chinese New Year Eve tonight. Families would prepare big tables for dinner at the restaurant or maybe just gather in one of their relative's house because the whole point of CNYE is to spend some family time and embrace the togetherness.

Well the downside of living abroad (like me), here in Perth is we don't normally get to experience the traditional way of celebrating. We still do celebrate Chinese New Year or also know as Xin Jia, just a little bit different and with a little improvisation. 

Although our families are back in our hometown and we are far away from our hong baos, we still feel the warmth of Xin Jia through our friends. We would gather at friends house to watch movies or play some card games and maybe drink a little bit of soju, haha. Dining at a Chinese restaurant is also a way of celebrating. And as for tomorrow, we've planned to have dim sum. I always love a good piece of hot siu may!

Hope you are celebrating a good Chinese New Year with your loved ones where ever you are! Now I'm going to get to the chase! In this post I am going to share about my experience trying Radio-Frequency treatment (RF) at Olivia, Teuku Umar, Bali. Remember in my BBB Gathering post, I have mentioned about winning the door prize of the event? Yep, this is the treatment that I was referring to.

The question that might pop in your head right now is..

What is RF treatment?

RF is a not-so-new treatment in the aesthetic industry that uses the Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation to rejuvenate skin, giving an instant firm and younger look in just about 20 minutes. This is the perfect solution for people who do not have the time for long treatments. Unfortunately the effect does not last forever, the therapist who gave me the treatment said that it only last about 3-5 days. Some women choose to do it regularly from once to twice a week and others just have an RF treatment occasionally, before going to a wedding or other special events.

The price for this treatment is also reasonable, around Rp. 300.000 for an instant effect. After the treatment I felt that my cheek bones were higher and my chubby cheeks are being stretched diagonally upwards. They also mentioned that it's able to give a bit of a v-line to my jaws although it didn't show significantly.

The downside of this treatment is, it may increase the production of black spots for people who already have skins prone to them. So a consultation to the doctor before any treatments would be best! Especially, since olivia provide free doctor consultation. So do not hesitate to ask several questions before deciding on a treatment! ;)

Another good news is RF treatment doesn't only apply for the face, you can do it on your body as well. In particular, your lumpy areas such as arms and thighs. During the 20 minute of my treatment the therapist just massage my face with the machine, it has a round metal end that touches my face. It didn't hurt at all and it was a bit warm when the machine was turned on. They used a clear gel so that the machine can move smoothly when glided on my face. After that, they put on a seaweed like coloured mask for relaxation.

I personally think that RF treatment would be more effective for people who have wrinkles, as they would show more significant difference in result as the machine rejuvenate and tighten the skin. People in their early 20's wouldn't really need RF treatment.

Beside RF Treatment, I also tried their IPL Underarm treatment. Although it wasn't sponsored, I was really tempted to give their lifetime IPL promo a try. So the promotion was basically you only have to pay once for Rp. 450.000 and you get to do IPL treatment for as much as you need. Yep that's until no more growing hair at all!

When the regular price of a one time treatment is Rp. 350.000. You get to save a lot of money with this one. It has been about 2 weeks after my treatment and I have realised the significant difference of hair growth. They are not only lesser but also thinner. I think this just might be the answer to every girl's problem with unwanted hair. Can't wait for my second treatment!

In summary, I really like the treatments that I had at Olivia. The place was clean and the therapists were friendly and highly trained. They have good product knowledge about the treatments and machine. The price list are reasonable and they have lots of promotion such as happy hours, bring your friends, etc.

They provide variety of treatments such as facial, filler, microdermabration and so much more. They also sell their own skincare products like their face wash that I am using at the moment. Haven't had any break outs so it's so far so good. Do visit their clinic when you have some free time while doctor consultation is still free of charge!
Thumbs up for this 1st Slimming and Skincare Clinic in Bali! <3 
For more information and to make an appointment:

Olivia Slimming and Skincare
Facebook page: Olivia Slimming Skincare
Instagram: oliviaskin_bali
Phone number: 082237538866
Jl. Tukad Batanghari no. 37, Panjer, Renon, Denpasar, Bali.
Jl. Teuku Umar no. 246, Denpasar, Bali.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the Chinese New Year Festive!