Selasa, 28 Juni 2016

The Perth Pedestrian

Hi there my beloved readers!
It has been a while since my last blog post, hasn't it?
I can't believe a semester has passed away and I didn't take any hardcore ootd here in Perth!
I totally owe all of you a big apology for that..
But honestly juggling between university, community, and a part-time job isn't that easy.

I am just glad that the holiday is finally hereee! Yipee!
The only time when I can oversleep without any assignments or tests waiting for me >.<

So here's my very first ootd in Perth! Special thanks to Jonathan Thewira who helped me take all the pics and gave a good tour around Kings Park! Haha.

Some people have asked me how's life in Perth? How are the friends like? How's the weather? And all sorts of things so I'm just going to make a brief description on my perthly perspective for this post :p

Honestly, I really like Perth and I've never felt homesick since the past 5 months of my stay here. I love the people, the diversity, the friendliness and everything else about it. I remembered not paying my first bus ride cause I had no idea that we should pay it up front, haha. That experience sort of gave a good first impression of Perth.

Some people find Perth boring and quiet. But well that's actually what I like about it. Living the suburban life, absolutely the opposite of a metropolitan city like Jakarta teaches me to find happiness in the little things. Enjoy the daily routines and warmth of others to be exact. Since we basically have no one to rely on rather than ourselves. Things as simple as a walk in the park, shopping at the supermarket with my housemate, cooking for dinner, late night studying at our uni's 24 hours library, twice a week choir practice, little prayer groups on Friday nights constantly reminds me to be thankful with what I have.

And yes, it took me by surprise how much I enjoy cooking in Perth! haha.
I might even share some recipes here! xD

Hopefully, I will still feel the same way after my 4 years of bachelor degree here hahaha.

Photos taken at The Blue House, Perth, WA.

Moving on to the fashion point of view! What's better than winter outfits! *squeels*
Practically it's still autumn at the moment but sometimes the temperature drops really low until 6-degree celsius. The wind isn't always friendly as well. Despite the cold weather and the trouble that I have to face trying to focus while I'm studying. Winter is definitely the time for hot cocoa and lattes. Lazy days on the bed and... the season that screams fashion to me! Yayy! There's nothing that I love more in fashion than the art of layering! Also, the time when it's possible to wear beanie & berets, stockings, and long knitted scarf!

For this outfit, I just matched a long sleeved stripe shirt (my favorite pattern!) and a black skirt & stockings. The benefits of wearing dark colored stockings actually aren't only to keep your leg warm & comfy. It gives your leg a nice silhouette making it looks more slim & slender. Skirts and stockings are definitely a yay for petite size girls! My tips on stripes pattern are, although they are so classic and cute, horizontal ones do make you look wider, on the other hand, vertical ones make you slimmer. While for scarfs they also hide your neck but are super kawaii and comfy..

During winter you will definitely face this problematic decision between wearing something that's super comfortable vs something fashionable and just matches. So to be colourwise buy more natural color coats and outers such as black, navy, brown, beige. To be honest, I feel like a walking fashion crime most of the days at home, haha.

 Photo's taken at Kings Park, Perth, WA.

Really like this candid shot, I can't seem to understand why haha

Cute ballerina flats by 'The Little Things She Needs'!

Top by Zara - Skirt by Zalora - Flats by TLTSN

That's all for now.

Have a lovely week wherever you are peeps!