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A Trip to Bali Zoo

Hello there, wonderful people where ever you are! First of all, I'd like to wish a happy new year to all of you! I hope you will be able to embrace more chances and possibility that 2016 takes you to, and of course receive many joy and happiness throughout the year :D

Cause as all of my Instagram followers might have already known, 2015 really meant a lot to me and I shared a little post about all my ups and downs through out last year. But nevertheless, I am always looking for new adventures and experience, and hoping for a new fresh start this year. New hope and probably a new love ;)

As much as I have missed writing on this blog, working at least 8 hours 6 days a week has taken up almost my whole life. I seldom see my family, sometimes once a week or maybe less. My first experience in working, hasn't been always smooth though, coping with bosses and work colleges, well but in the end it's all part of my learning process in achieving my goals and being the person I want to be. Actually I am also planning to have my own little business, but I'm still keeping it as a secret though! I hope you get a little curious & excited :p

Well that sums up the talk about my life lately, now I'll tell you about a wonderful trip that I went with my other Bali blogger babes! About 2 weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, we went to Bali Zoo in Gianyar! A few days before the event occurred we all got invited to review this interactive Zoo. But since not all of us could go at the same time, we were allowed to go with in different dates. Actually, we were also allowed to bring a plus one, but none of my friends were available and my family were all in Jakarta, too bad! :( But I didn't completely go alone, because I had my blogger friends' company. Especially Stella and her sister Adella (even their names sounds like princesses, haha!), we went together using Stella's car and One-Day-Driver to get to the location. Luckily we didn't get lost, on the other hand we actually made it pretty early! If we had known that, I would probably did a better make up job at Stella's room! Haha! Yes, we did our hair & make up together! Unfortunately the time wasn't enough for me to do a good job for my hair! Boo..

But nevertheless, our trip was really fun, who would have thought that going to zoo with a couple of your girlfriends and chit chats everywhere turn out to be so much fun! It's completely different from your usual girl's day out at the cafe and malls but in the end all that matters is who you spend your time with isn't it? I was so glad that it was a little cloudy as well (since it was rainy season in Bali) but it didn't rain, too much exposure to sun light isn't that good for the pictures as well.

So what we did first, after everyone has gathered around was of course take a tour of the zoo. It wasn't that big but there were some rare and unique animals.Here are some pictures of animals that caught my eyes and fascinates me.

The stroll didn't take that much time because we had to hurry to the bird show exhibition since it's about to start! At first I though it would be your ordinary bird shows for kids but it turns out that I was wrong, there were stunts that took me in awe! Like when I saw the eagles soar from one trainer to another it was really amazing, well take it from an animal fan, It really amazed me and the birds were such beauties! Well if you are not that into birds, there were also cute porcupine and sea otters filling in the show:D

After that we have reached my favorite part of the trip (beside eating of course) haha. We get to feed the raindeers and walabi!! They have a special petting zoo that allows visitors to interact with the animals! Aaaa it was so much fun, I can'[t even describe it! Well I guess, you know what they say, a picture worth a thousand words! So here are some of my favorite shots!

PS: Special thanks to the zookeeper who gave us the tour and helped me take some of these shots.

 Happy Face! ^^

Then last but of course not least, it was time to have dinner at Wana Restaurant. Wana restaurant isn't located like any other restaurant because it's next to the lion den! It was so much fun eating while watching the lions get fed just next to you only with a glass as your border. Not to mention their food is quite affordable and SUPER DELICIOUS as well! I had crispy duck for my main and choco lava as my dessert and both of them tasted heavenly! I especially loved their sambel matah with the crispy duck! My iced cappuccino also tasted great! You don't have to enter the zoo and join the zoo tour just to dine at Wana Restaurant. 

Looking at the lions up close and guess what! You can even take selfies with them! Haha. So sorry for the low quality photos because they were taken using my mobile phone.

Thank you very much for inviting us here Bali Zoo, everything was amazing, keep up the good work! Would love to comeback one day with my younger siblings, they would be trilled!

Beside everything that I did, they also have other fun programs for you to follow, such as Elephant expedition, Mahout for a day, Night at the zoo and Jungle Societa! They are also located next to a Miniapolis for kids to go swimming!

That's all for now I hope you find this post useful! Catch my Bali Zoo OOTD posts coming soon to find out what brands am I wearing!

Bali Zoo
Jl. Raya Singapadu Banjar Seseh Sukawati Batuan Sukawati 
Gianyar Bali, Bali 80582, Indonesia
+62 361 294357
Open: 9 am - 10 pm
Entry Admission: Adults: $24 Children (2-12 yo): $15

Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day!

Hugs & Kisses,


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