Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

Tea Party with Poise

Hi there lovely readers!
It has been about a week after Valentine's day! Are you looking forward to White day? Or probably Black day? haha
I wonder, do you celebrate those days beside Val's day in your country?

Actually, according to the tradition, Val's day is a day where the females are supposed to show their love and it's the other way around for White day. I think this is the only time of the year where it's appropriate for the ladies make the first move without people thinking of it being aggressive or something like that, haha. Say yay to the feminism paradigm!

You guys might have already heard about White day but what about Black day, does it sound familiar to your ears? Black day is the day for the singles! This day is actually more common celebrated by the females, usually all the single ladies goes out for the night and have lots of fun. Black day is pretty popular in South Korea, the singles who doesn't receive any gifts from the 2 previous celebration days go and eat jajangmyeon (a traditional korean noodle with black bean paste). Those 3 days are celebrated on the same date, the 14th, just in 3 different consecutive months, February for Valentine, March for White day and April for Black day.

But nevertheless, Valentine's day to me isn't only about your significant others. Valentine's day is about showing love to others and that doesn't have to be a specific person because love universal. In my country, Indonesia, we don't celebrate White Day or Black day, just Valentine's day so this is the only day we use to celebrate love language. You can use this day to show your gratitude to your parents buy sending them a gift card or buying them Valentine's gifts and sweet treats. You can also just be extra nice and treat them special if you don't have the budget. Not only your parents, you can also show some love to your Grandparents on this day, since Grandparents day is almost never celebrated, but them the World No.1 Grandpa & Grandma mug in your local grocery store, it would really mean a lot to them or perhaps just print a picture of you and your old folks to bring back old memories.

Beside your own family, Valentine's day is also a good excuse to catch up and get to know your in-laws better by giving them some gifts or maybe just a chocolate layered cake with hearts decoration on it! Not to mention it would be extra special if you bake it yourself, it would totally blow their mind. Exchanging sweets and handmade greetings card with your friends is also a good idea, nothing feels better than the act of giving and to be given back. And lastly, you could also share the love to strangers just by giving them your brightest smile that day, cause you never know, that might be the only sunshine they see for the entire day!

For this year's Valentine, I spent the day mostly packing and preparing for my move to Perth since my flight is on the day after. But luckily, I was invited to a tea party at Britty's bakery by Poise Party Decorator in the afternoon. So I got to meet a few of my Bali blogger friends, Angie and Ce Jess. It was such are refreshing event for us with no date this Val's day, haha. And the best part is, I get to say goodbye to Angie, one of my closest friend and the person who I have spent most of my last days in Bali with since she lives nearby my work place.

Well now I will introduce you to the two lovely ladies behind Poise Party Decorator, they are Ce Brittany (Owner of Britty's Bakery) and Ce Aileen (Owner of @sweetgems.bali). Since desserts are basically their background the concept of their party decoration is basically a sweet corner and what doesn't match them best beside pastel colors! So if you want to make a sweet feminine event just for you and your girls, you should definitely hit them up! Especially since they are having a special discount for their soft launching it's a Rp. 750.000,- cut off! Which is equivalent to $75. This promotion is available up until the 31st of March, your event doesn't have to be before that but you just have to make your booking by then. Convenient much?

The location of this tea party is at Britty's Bakery which has been magically transformed into this princess like corner. We made some new friends, which mostly turns out to be my high school seniors and met a new Bali Blogger from @foodiegodisland. Had little chit chats and tried all the sweet treats that we couldn't resist not having a taste of. I just realized that no wonder I gained so much weight :'D My favorite have got to be Britty's Original Carrot Cake and Sweet Gems' Signature Vanilla Pannacotta with strawberry sauce, they were lovely and I was craving for more! <3

Me enjoying my pannacotta! :9

Me, Ce Brittany and Angie..^^

Me and Ce Aileen! <3

Back to me and Angie, the usual team! Haha.

Lovely cupcakes, pleases the eye..

Poise Party Decorator
Ig: @poisedecorator

All desserts are provided by @brittysbake and @sweetgems.bali

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Jumat, 19 Februari 2016

Vita Luxe Nail Salon & Beauty Bar

Hi there beauties! Here’s another place that you have visit in Bali, Vita Luxe Nail Salon and Beauty Bar! They are located at Seminyak Village and actually quite new, it has been about 3 months since they just opened. Beside the amazing interior that I don’t have to describe because the pictures says it all, it’s an experience that you don’t want to miss! All the staffs were really professional and friendly, they were dressed in a Maid Jumpsuit and will treat you like princesses or even part of the Manhattan Elite! Honestly, this is the most luxurious nail treatment that I have ever experienced. Without further ado, I will tell you everything about it!

So here’s the front look of Vita Luxe, see through glasses and doors that brings curiosity and excitement to people who passes by. And I was greeted warmly by one of their staff in their super kawaii Maid Uniforms. I was pretty blown away by the Black and White luxurious decor of the entire room and trust me it's better seeing it in real life, so bright, clean and promising. 

I then met the manager, Kak Winda who invited me to try their treatment. She guided me to pick the nail polish that I want and since I am a huge glitter fan, she mix matched the sparkly turquoise glitter polish that I choosed with navy blue, both from Deborah Lippmann. Honestly, I got so overwelmed while picking the polish that I wated because there were so many varieties and colors! What a girl's dream come true!!

She also then explained to me that Vita Luxe is also an official supplier of Deborah Lippmann and Morgan Taylor, both a well known product of USA, so you can just stop by and get the polish that you wanted if you want to do your nails at home.

And as for my toe fingers, I was suggested to try their Gelish Gel Nail Treatment, I picked tosca color, it wasn't that hard picking this one cause all I had to do was match with my finger nails! Haha.

After the long color picking, it was finally time to get the pampering started! There were 2 staffs doing my pedicure and manicure treatment and I think  that really saves a lot of time since I was in a hurry. Unlike other Nail Salons that I've ever been to, they use massage chairs so it was definitely less boring and more relaxing for me. The Polish results were also very satisfying, neat and tidy. Especially the Gel Polish, even after 2 weeks they still look gorgeous on my toes.

And voila! There I have my amazing blue colored finger nails!

I really like coloring my nails because I think it makes the over all look much more elegant and makes your fingers elegant to the top level!

 Besides everything about nails, Vita Luxe also does Waxing and Eyelashes extension. I didn't get to try them but I would love to try them next time! I managed to take a picture of their treatment room, just as neat as always!

 Overall, this is an experience that I would totally do all over again! Vita Luxe is deffinitely recommended. Thank you so much for having me, keep up the good work and you will definitely get busy! Special thanks to Kak Winda for helping me take most of these pictures! :D

Vita Luxe Nail Salon and Beauty Bar
The Village Shopping Mall - 1st Floor Kav. F21A-22 - Jl. Kayu Jati, Seminyak, Bali 80361
+62 361 4741800

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Kamis, 18 Februari 2016

The Blue Traveler

Dear Not So Stiletto Loyal Readers,

As much as you're already bored of my outfit for this OOTD, unlike the previous post there are no animals in this one, and I decided to make this short continuation because I thought ‘A Trip to Bali Zoo’ post was already too long. Which is why I created another post to explain about this OOTD a bit more and to let you get to know me a little better after my 2 months hiatus.

Firstly, I am proud to say that the scarf that I'm wearing here is one of the things that I bought with my early salary. I feel extremely happy about having a steady job at a well known fine dining restaurant and being able to buy things that I can never afford. Beside this, I also managed to save up and buy a Daniel Wellington Watch that has always been on my wishlist, yay! But just like some of my loyal followers have already known, my work days are over and I just moved to Perth to continue my studies in Psychology. So it's time to save up again!

Secondly, yes, I have been gaining weight like crazy and getting people tell me that a lot lately. Honestly, I've never been this heavy before in my whole life. It's probably time for a diet but I'm the type of person who can never stay on a diet, cause honestly I love food especially desserts! I personally think diets are torturous, but I've promised myself that I will work out more this year though, it's part of my 2016 Resolution!

The thing that bothers me the most about gaining weight isn't actually the fact that people talk about it and say that I look better before, but it's actually the unfitted beautiful clothes that I can't wear anymore. Honestly to me fat is simply just an adjective that means we are larger than average people and the opposite of skinny, haha. Fat doesn't mean you're less attractive or anything like that. Sometimes it's sad how the word fat or just the numbers on the weighting scale make a girl feel less attractive or even lose her confidence. So I want to make a special shout out to every ladies reading this post right now, you are beautiful in your own ways, don't let anybody change that or make you feel differently. Focus on positive things and surround yourselves with positive people cause at the end of the day there are only 2 things that makes a girl look beautiful that doesn't involve numbers or weight scales, those are the smile on her face when she is happy and the laughter she makes when nobody's looking. Trust me those moments are when you look prettiest, when your true colors shine brightest, not the over priced make up, not the hours you spent clamping your hair with hot iron.
And the last thing is what matters the most, a good attitude that follows, a heart full of kindness and of course positive vibes. You'd rather be the girl with a personality than just a pretty face, don't you?
Here's one of my favorite quote about beauty, "Outer beauty pleases the eye. Inner beauty captivates the heart."

The Blue Traveler, that's the title of this post because I have been thinking a lot lately. To me blue is such a peaceful color. It's neutral and not picking sides. Plus, I really like wearing the color blue cause it contrasts my pale skin tone and my red lipstick.

Actually, I have been eyeing on a few blue outfits at lately. You've probably heard about it, Zalora is a well known and trusted Indonesia Online Shopping Market. I find online shopping really handy and saves up my time, it's really up to date with the latest fashion item, there are more choices and different price range that can suits your budget, plus you get to see a lot of brands at once. Unlike when you go to stores where you have to go from one to another, door to door, totally less effort. Everything you could ever wish for in just one click away.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you find it useful!

Have a great day where ever you are and don't forget to smile! ^^

Yours Truly,