Sabtu, 31 Desember 2016

Event Report - Bali Blogger 1st Gathering


Hello beauties!
After a long hiatus, of my blogging free and no-time student life, I am finally back on the blog <3
Bringing you a new exciting experience from my last gathering just about a week ago with the Bali beauty bloggers.

If you have been following me since 2014 you would probably remember some of my Bali blogger friends from Utama Spice , Funny Pancake or Bali Zoo. But the good news is, it's not just 10 of us anymore, now we have got 24 official members. YAY!

Today I will properly introduce who Bali Beauty Bloggers are, so we are a community based in Bali consisting of girls who blogs and are passionate about make up, fashion, or even travelling. 

Although some of us (just like myself) studies abroad or outside Bali, so not everybody was able to make it to the gathering, BBB always feels like home to bloggers originated from Bali. It has been a fun journey watching how this community grow and this first gathering could not express it in anyway better. This event was created from us and for us. Most of our members contributed a lot to this event and put so much effort into it.

pretty decoration by @clorisdecoration

Unfortunately, I got into a really bad traffic jam and I was super late to the gathering. But I still didn't miss the best part of the event, which is meeting other bloggers and getting to know them better. Especially for the new ones that I have never met before.

Despite not being able to follow the whole rundown of the event and take lots of picture, other bloggers were so humble to share their pictures and let me use them. So here's the big line of what happened in Bali Beauty Blogger 1st ever gathering!

The event took place at Goemerot Restaurant, Renon, Denpasar on the 23rd December 2016. At the beginning of the gathering we voted for the new committee of BBB. After that, while waiting for out food, 3 of our members had the opportunity to share the tips and tricks in the blogging business.

The first one was Ita Chen, not only a fashion and beauty blogger, Ita is a Clozette ambassador and content writer at Whatwelike. She shared about how to bring out your originality and the need to follow the lastest trends as a content writer.

The next one is Jessica Ie. Jessica shared about how to earn money and the business perspective of blogging. Jessica is a blogger well known in social media, not only she has a lot of followers on Instagram, she also has received many sponsorship, paid promotes and endorsements. One of the tips that she mentioned was changing your normal Instagram to business account so that we know the traffic and demography of our account to know who most of our readers are and make sure that our next post is interesting to our loyal readers.

The last one is Hatta Shani. One of BBB member who just got into youtubing. She shared about how to earn money and get followers in youtube. She mentioned one of the key beside being well equipped is consistency in posting, e.g. a new post every Thursday. Back sound and background also turns out to matter more than what we think.

We had chicken wings for dinner.

Super yummy panacotta by @sweetgems.bali

fluffy cheesecake by @saycheese.bali

Continued with Christmas gift exchange, quiz and photo session, we also had a doorprize of treatment from Olivia Skincare which I unexpectedly won!! There were 3 package and I won one of them! So happy and I can't wait to give it a try :) I got a voucher of the radio frequency treatment which I will explain more next time!

Thank for everyone who contributed to this event, to all sponsors and Bali Beauty Blogger members for their time and hard work in the preparation of the event. Sorry I could not help much because I was far away in Perth :(

The event was sponsored by:

This was my outfit for the event.
White Dress - Giordano | Chateau de Ungasan bag - Charlotte Chen | Heels by Dekafe

This will be my last post of 2016

Wishing you a happy new year, see you in 2017!



Selasa, 02 Agustus 2016

Doughnut Time

Hi, guys!
So this is the infamous doughnut that everyone is talking about! Doughnut time!
Actually, this was part of my Gold Coast trip but since their outlet is spread around Australia I decided to separate this post.

Well to start with this is just going to be a brief post with me talking about doughnuts! Haha.
But who doesn't love doughnuts? I mean even the policemen do!

So what makes doughnut time so special? 
They are specially hand-dipped and skillfully crafted just for you! They are usually sold in small batches and they have the most unique variant of flavors. They have flavors as authentic as maple bacon or hibiscus and nerds. But don't worry they also have conventional flavors like original glazed, salted caramel, and jam & creme.

They have multiple locations across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast with a total of more than 15 outlets. But yes, there's none at Perth at the moment. Well, the good news is, 2 outlets are opening soon at Perth this coming September! My spoiler source also mentioned that the locations will be at  Northbridge and Fremantle! YAY!

I absolutely can't wait for them to open at Perth ^^

Actually, I also have an unforgettable story of my own about my doughnut time purchase at Gold Coast. So me and my 3 friends, Priscilia, Bella, and Alicia decided to chip in and buy 3 pieces of doughnuts for the 4 of us with a price of $6 for each doughnut.

But I didn't know why the lady who sold the doughnuts purposely gave us 6 doughnuts instead of 3! That was so nice of her <3 Even though we were on holiday, we were on a tight budget so that was so much generosity from the lady. After telling my other friends that I got an extra 3 doughnuts, my friend did the same thing and also got the same results, well this is probably their way of selling out the doughnuts real fast before midnight strikes! Haha. Nevertheless, that was a real blessing to us and really made our day. We all shared the doughnuts the next day for breakfast <3

The flavors from left to right top: Home Alone - Veruca Salt - Creme de la Creme
left to right bottom: A Matcha Made in Heaven - Love at First Bite (Nutella) - Creme de la Creme

A personal favorite of mine is their Veruca Salt (Salted Caramel) and Creme de la Creme (Creme brulee) comes next. We found the Matcha tasted a bit funny but the rest are alright. That was such a sweetness overload in the middle of the night, sinful but totally worth it, haha.

It's always a good time to visit doughnut time!



Sabtu, 30 Juli 2016

From Gold Coast with Love

Hi there! How have y'all been? 
I hope you are all enjoying your holidays! Cause I am! :D

Finally back here at Perth after travelling around Gold Coast - Brisbane - Sydney. It's a bit sad that my holiday is almost over and it's time to go back to reality, walking the same street and doing the same old routines. However, that's life and apparently responsibilities and chores are always waiting for me back home. Well on the bright side, I had an AMAZING time seeing other parts of Australia and get to share about my experience with all of you now!

So, about two weeks ago I went to Gold Coast with my church friends for this conference called KOMKIA, it's where Indonesian catholic young adults all around Australia gather together. It was so much fun and I met a lot of awesome people there! But that was only the beginning of my adventure.

Honestly, that was the first time I went travelling with my friends to another state and I was a bit nervous about it. But, it turned out to be better than what I expected! We had lots of fun! We stayed at Mantra apartment in Surfer's Paradise, the location was pretty good and it's walking distance to the beach! On the first day after KOMKIA we walked at the beach during the sunset, and the scenery in the beach really captivated me! Although we didn't see the sun setting, the colours of the sky were pretty satisfying. 

During my stay there the weather was mostly always sunny and nice! Unlike Perth, which has been really cold lately. But it was a bit unlucky for me since I packed my luggage full of winter clothes including warm jumpers and long knitted sweaters, haha. But oh well, it's always better to stay extra warm than feeling way too cold :p

On the next day, we went to Warner Bros, Movie World! Yay, finally!!
Even though it turns out to be smaller than I thought and 2 of their main rides were on maintenance, my heart simply drops when I saw the looney tunes started dancing! <3 It felt like my childhood memories were flashing back at me. I still remember watching them on cartoon network until late night, you can never get bored of bugs bunny! ^^

On that day we also had lunch at Hakataya Ramen at Surfer's Paradise, it's really popular in Gold Coast. My favorite dish is their Spicy Miso Ramen. Honestly, I find their soup not as thick as normal ramens but their price is really affordable and you get to top up your first portion of noodle for free. The price range starts from $11. Ramen is a perfect meal on a windy day :3

We also tried Zannette's Gelato, the no.1 gelato in Gold Coast recommended by our friends from KOMKIA. The taste was authentic Italian and they have a lot of variant of flavours. Their gelato was light and not too creamy, just like how gelatos are supposed to be. The owner was the one serving the gelato themselves and were so warm & friendly, wish I had a chance to comeback! Pistachio was definitely my favourite. You have to try this one if you ever visit GC ;)

On my last day at GC, my friends and I also went to Harbour Town. That was where a lot of my holiday budget went. We almost literally shopped at every shop that we entered. Supre & Ally were my favorite though! Thank you to Gaby, Nessya, Patricia and Andre who took me there, I totally didn't regret missing my flight as we all shopped a lot! Haha.

But yes, I did miss my flight! Well, it's a lesson for my next trip to not go on a shopping marathon and rush my way to the airport just a few hours before my flight. Luckily, the ticket from GC to Sydney is actually quite cheap so I just had to pay an extra $50 and my previous luggage weight can be moved to the next flight. Plus, the next flight was only one and a half hour away, it felt like the universe was helping me find my way to Sydney and everything just falls into order or am I just exaggerating things? lol.

Special tips for next GC visitors if you are into rides and roller coasters you have to visit Dream World, on the other hand, if you are travelling with kids and are into the movie characters do visit Movie World because the minimum height for most of their rides is 120cm and children from about 10 years old will most likely be able to go on the rides. I wish I had known this information before I went to GC, as I am a person who enjoys thrills and mad roller coasters, haha. Well if you have time, though, do visit both as you can get 2 different types of amusement.

Cute greeting cards that I saw along the way at Surfer's Paradise Beach.

Children watching the big screen in the middle of the city.

My fellow poke-hunter friends trying to catch pikachu, I think xD

Starbucks cause we don't have it at Perth :(

More movie world snippets :3
Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster was my favourite ride at Movie World, and he is my favorite character as well, yay!

Lastly, here's a video of the looney tunes dance! :3

Well that sums up my trip at GC <3
Special thanks to all the lovely people from KOMKIA that took us around, especially Citra & Budi who went to Movie World with us :3
Don't miss my next post about my one day Brisbane tour!