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Clara's Review on WaxHaus Feeto

Hello my lovely readers! Yes, I know it’s been a while since my last post here and I definitely miss writing here. But work has caught up on me and time flies so fast these days! But I’m just glad to finally be able to share something new to all of you.

This time, I would like to share about my latest fun experience at WaxHaus Feeto, which is located at Beachwalk Shopping Mall, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. I was so glad to be invited to review their outlet and honestly even if I had to pay for all of my treatments there, I would do so! Because it’s totally worth it and the truth is I’ve been going there for a lot of time before this trip but never got the chance to quite review it.

This tiny little pamper place is located in the Basement of Beachwalk Shopping Mall, which is really convenient, as I saw a lot of people come and go to get their waxing treatment before starting of their day at the mall. They are actually franchised from Jakarta and they have many outlets all over Indonesia. The funny thing is, I’ve also visited their shops in Jakarta and all of them have the same theme, interior and even wall decorations for every treatment room, peculiar isn’t it?

The first thing that captured my heart when I entered the shop was its refreshing and soothing ambience. I really love their green, yellow and blue themed interior. There were a few quite unique cushions at the waiting area. Cute circular light bulbs were dangling from the ceiling, not too bright but were just right to brighten up the room and probably your day after a treatment here, haha. Well overall, their tiny shop is really nice and neat.

The crew were also very polite and friendly to us, as I went there with my little sister, Catherina. The service definitely brought me to satisfaction. But as I started taking pictures of the whole area, I realized that the results weren’t that good, pardon me for this because I find the lightning a bit tricky.

Then it was finally time for me and my sister to get our waxing treatment! I had an eyebrow, underarm and half leg waxing, while my sister only had underarm and half leg waxing. It took me for about an hour and half to finally get out waxing treatment done.

They did a few same steps for every treatment, first they clean and wipe our skin (the part that’s going to be waxed) with antiseptic water and dry it with a clean cloth. Then they a thin layer of powder of our skin part and you are ready to be waxed! The wax that they use in WaxHaus is made out of 100% real sugar which makes the natural and eco-friendly. The therapist that handled me even said that it’s totally edible! Honestly, they smell yummy too!

After they apply the sugar wax and got almost all of our unwanted hair off, there’s a step that you don’t get in every waxing salon. It’s treading! They skillfully tread all of the hair that’s left on our skin, most waxing salon only use a tweezer to pluck out your left over hair and I prefer treading because you get a cleaner result since this process is able to pluck until the shortest newly grown hair that’s on the surface of your skin.

Another personal favorite thing about WaxHaus is they are against double dipping! So you can make sure that they always use a brand new spatula (which is a bit similar to a huge wooden popsicle stick here) to apply your wax. And who doesn’t love an extra cleanliness from their treatment?

Overall the results were amazing! I am so in love with my hairless body parts! It definitely gives me an extra confident boost! Especially my eyebrow wax, it defines my face line better and brings out my eyes. Love it! Waxing at Waxhaus is highly recommended ladies!

The fun didn’t stop there, me and my sister continue our relaxing journey to their reflexology and massage section which they call Feeto. Not every Waxhaus outlet is paired with Feeto but we were just lucky that they do so in Bali! For Jakarta area only Waxhaus Summarecon has Feeto treatments as well.

Before entering the room of total peacefulness and stress free, we got to choose our massage oil and they have a variety of calming fragrances, from fruity to herbs. I remember getting caught up in between the aloe vera and vanilla fragrance but ended up using the vanilla one because it smells sweeter, aloe vera was fresher scented.

Then it’s reflexology time!! Actually the reason I chose reflexology instead of massage was, reflexology is more likely for the foot and that’s exactly what I needed for my sore feet after long working hours using high heels! And as expected after the treatment my feet were lighter and I could say goodbye to my sore feet (even though there were a few of pain holding moments during the treatment, haha).

The reflexology in the end was very relaxing and soothing, and to top it off, we get to choose a warm drink to calm our peaceful body and soul better. You can choose one out of 5 drinks, which are. I had Kunyir Asem (Indonesian traditional drink, a bit sour but good for ladies and blood flows). My sister had Sari Jahe (ginger tea).

I am so happy with all of my treatments, Waxhaus really took good care of us! Me and my sister felt really pampered and we’ll definitely come back, hope to see you soon in our next trip to WaxHaus!

These are the 3 commonly asked by girls when it comes to waxing:
  •         Why waxing?

This question is often asked by lots of girls, “why not just shave it? It’s much more affordable and easy.” That’s what one of my friend once told me. But then I learned that shaving has much more risk and side effects compared to waxing. Waxing is much safer because it’s natural and it doesn’t hurt your skin. Unlike shaving that may scratch you once in a while when you are least careful. But the best part is, waxing is least likely to darken your skin unlike shaving (especially in folding areas like underarm).
  •         Why not Wax at Home?

We need to go to a professional therapist for waxing to make sure that we pull out the waxing strips in the right direction because people can have different growing hair directions. And we always have to pull off our waxing strips to the opposite direction and we need a pro to do so to avoid engrown hairs.
  •         Why Wax at WaxHaus?

There are several things that made me decided WaxHaus is my favorite place to wax and trust me, I’ve been to quite a lot of waxing place from several range of prices. I have mention most of the reasons earlier before but I’m just going to make a summary out of it again..
·         No Double Dipping Policy
·         Threading Afterwards
·         Skillful Professional Therapist
·         100% Natural Ingredient
·         Hygienic and Comfortable Place
·         Friendly Workers
·         Affordable Price

Do’s and Don’ts after Waxing Treatment:
·         Scrub after 3 days to avoid ingrown hairs.

·      Don’t scratch your newly waxed skin part because they are still sensitive.
·         Avoid rubbing them too much with your bath sponge.
·         Don’t scrub before 3 days
·         Don’t shower with hot/ warm water for 24 hours.
·         Don’t use deodorant or lotion for 2-3 hours.

All these steps are to avoid skin irritation and rashes, I highly recommend that you follow these instructions!

Well that sums up my entry for this post! I hope you find my sincere and honest opinion about WaxHaus Feeto and my tips on Waxing useful. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post, please kindly leave a comment for any questions or feedback for me to improve my next posts better.

Warm hug,


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WaxHaus Feeto

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Open hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm