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Food Report: Funny Pancake

Hello there lovely readers! Sorry for haven't been posting here for a while. The main reason is actually I have been pretty busy posting on my other blog for Have you guys checked it out?

I posted a few of Fashion Week Reports all over the world of my favorite designers' collection, some DIY & fashion ideas, of course! I hope you'll check it out or maybe we could follow each other there as well! Here's the link to my WWL blog, It would mean a lot to me!

And this time I am posting about another food review! Yay!
I know I rarely post food reviews here, this is actually my second food review so far on my blog, I do hope you don't mind if I make some more posts like these!

A few weeks ago, Bali Bloggers were invited to have lunch at Funny Pancake n' Coffee. But unfortunately only a few were able to join. But nevertheless, we had a pretty great time and lots of fun there. I personally know the owners as well and they are very kind and humble.

The place is not so big but I find it really cozy and homey. But what will definitely make me comeback to this place is their tasty food! I love almost every dish that they served us! They were so delicious!

First of all I'd like to show you the drinks that we had~

Blended Ice Cookies and Cream! If you are a fan of milk and oreo this is definitely your drink, it's not too sweet and not too creamy, it was just right!

(Left to right): Ice Cappucino, Ice Thai Tea, Green tea Kitkat, Blended Ice Cookies and Cream

Everybody enjoyed their drinks very much!

This is one of their signature dish, it's 'Nasi Goreng Shaker'. Nasi Goreng is basically the Indonesian word for Fried Rice, but what makes it different from your ordinary fried rice is they are served in a jar and we are supposed to shake it while it's hot to make sure their spices are mixed well.

We tried them in 2 flavors, Nasi Goreng Ikan Pindang and Nasi Goreng Ayam Betutu. I liked the Ikan Pindang one better, because it's a bit more salty and not spicy. They can serve it in various spiciness level upon your request though. Anyway, 'ikan' means fish and 'ikan pindang' is a traditional Indonesian dish, a fish cooked in clear soup. Actually people don't usually make a friend rice out of them which makes this dish pretty unique and special on it's own.

The nasi goreng ayam betutu was a bit too spicy for me but I bet spicy food lover would love this one. The meaning of 'ayam betutu' is actually betutu chicken. It's a balinese traditional dish in yellow color because saffron is one of it's main spices. The flavors in it are pretty rich and intense. It's actually pretty similar to Indian food. Say hello to your new favorite dish, curry lovers!

Next is Seafood Spaghetti! This is a personal favorite of mine! Simple but absolutely delicious. Who could have thought that an Italian dish could be served just as delicious in Asian style?

Now it's time for some pancakes!

These are thick and delicious pancakes that you would just die for. I have to be honest but these are much better than what my mom usually makes, lol. So sorry mom! >.<

These Marshmallow Pancake is definitely the best pancake that I have ever had! The flavor were just right, plus they are very colorful and photogenic, extra credits for that.

Next on the list is Choco Lover pancake. They are also delicious but they weren't as sweet as the Marshmallow Pancake. I personally liked the Marshmallow one better but on the other hand, some of the bloggers prefer this one. So if you are not a big fan of sweet food I think you would like this one a lot!

The flamingo decoration is totally cute though! <3

Picture time! 

Me: about to shake the Nasi Goreng!

Me: Loving this adorable pancake

Kak Lina and Kak Dindun having so much fun shaking their Nasi Goreng Shakers~!

PS: They also have a new menu called Funny Freak Shake, wait for my next update about it!;)

That's all for now, I hope you like this post!
Have a nice day!

Funny Pancake’n Coffee
Jl. Sesetan No 200 (sebelah IALF)
Denpasar - Bali
Instagram: pancakefunny

The First D.I.Y Pancake in Indonesia



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