Selasa, 01 September 2015

Under the Lamp Post

That's what the present is. It's a little unsatisfying because life is unsatisfying. - Midnight in Paris (2011)

It's finally time for another OOTD, still with the summer vibe of course. This OOTD was actually a bit unplanned and last minute. But I'd like to say thank you to my lovely friends who stick with me through it. Especially Valenciana Setiawan from who helped me take all of these pictures.

I always love one of those meet up with some old friends where we could laugh about anything and basically just have fun. Well but honestly I only do these when my wallet is being supportive and those days mostly happen on the earlier dates of the month hahaha. 

All of the pictures are mostly taken in La Favela, one of the hippest place in town at the moment, restaurant by day and transformed into a club when it gets dark. This was also my first visit there and I really like both the interior and exterior of the whole place. The leaves on the front part of the place made the place shaded which I find really refreshing & soothing. Don't you think so?

I got this bag from a bazaar that I went to in Jakarta with my fashion blogger friend, Graciella Shiaryn and actually had a dilemma about it for quite a long time. I'm pretty sure a lot of girls can relate to this feeling. So I decided not to buy that bag and after I reached the ground floor of Senayan City, I went back up to the top floor and look for that bag, right before they close down. They've even have already packed almost all the bags even mine! But well I guess luck was still on my side and managed to take the bag home. All the people in store was like asking me why I didn't buy it earlier so I don't have to give them a hard time looking for it, well I feel sorry for that :p

And about a week ago I just realized and finally understood the picture on my bag, those are 4 beatle cars and guess where are they? Yes! It's the famous Abbey Road in London, just like the band! And that fact made me love the bag even more! It gives the bag the perfect vintage touch that it needed. Big thanks to my brother, Richard for noticing it! This satchel bag is now definitely on my favorite owned items list :D

Hat - Zara
Sabrina Top - Stadivarius
Red Skirt - Online Store
Satchel Bag - Jade Bag
Black Rose Sandals - Ipanema

Thank you for stopping by and have lovely week! :)



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  1. nice place! And still loving your purple hair <3 <3


  2. Your hair looking pretty gorgeous

    Greeting from Indonesia,

  3. naava sudah gede yaa.. terharu gw wkwkkwkw :" :*