Jumat, 04 September 2015

Julia Milan

Still another post from The Fashion Festival Bali 2015. Now it's time to feature Julia Milan's designs. She is actually a Dubai based fashion designer who represents for the United Arab Emirates for this show, just like Mona Al Mansouri. Her designs are well known to be very distinctive and unique with a little touch of quirkiness. Most of her collection uses full print patterns with a vibrant color.

Without further ado, let me present you Julia Milan's latest collection, "The Monalisa Collection"...

A Brief Introduction

In the beginning of 2014, Julia Milan launched her distinctively free-spirited fashion label. Originally inspired by the magic island of Ibiza and the limitless creativity of local designers, at just 25 years old, Milan is set to rise in the world of fashion without pause. She has now lived in 10 countries, but names Slovakia as home and Dubai as the birthplace of her divine creativity. Julia’s collections reveal the power of femininity; a celebration of high-end quality mixed with street style. Striking, innovative and timeless pieces for downtown days or uptown nights.

My personal thoughts about Julia Milan

Honestly, some of her designs were my favorite outfits from the whole fashion festival show, like those green dresses with Monalisa print on it! Those are definitely my faves because they're one of a kind and unique. I can feel a strong vintage vibe from that dress and yet high fashion at the same time. I also like how she makes different shapes and types of hat! Since I have always been a big fan of Hats! Unfortunately, the downside of her collection is I feel that most of it wouldn't really suit much Asian girls like myself, because they are mostly long and I'm in petite size >.<

Here are two videos of her full collection, with a glimpse of the maestro herself. Enjoy!

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