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As promised, this is the first day I'm going to post about each designers on the opening ceremony of The Fashion Festival Bali. And the first lucky feature designer is Xi Zhu from China. All of his designs are actually menswear which is one of the reason why it didn't captivates me that much and the song on the runway was pretty upbeat which is why I failed taking good quality photos of the runway, so sorry for that :(

Honestly I'm still learning and figuring out how to use my camera, but don't worry, I'm getting better and better each day :D 

A brief introduction

Xi Zhu is a impeccable embodiment of the less is more philosophy. A newcomer to the world of high-class fashion, Xi Zhu evolved his brand after he finished studying at the London College Of Fashion in the United Kingdom. Already floating to great heights in the world of cutting edge men’s fashion, minimalism is seasoned with special details and the occasional splashing of print. The evolution of Xi Zhu continues along the philosophy of exploring and interpreting the male psyche.

My personal thoughts about Xi Zhu

I am also a believer in the less is more paradigm and I think Xi Zhu's style have uplift that philosophy. He manage to pull off all of the looks on the runway by giving a sophisticated side to the simple cotemporery style. I really loved all of the sleek looks, especially the suit in blue, on the top of my post. Even though Xi Zhu is new to the fashion world I think that his styles are high class and one that the world have waited for. Yay to the power of simplicity!

Although I would like to see how he would work with more prints in his collection, it just keeps me wondering~

It's my first ever youtube video and it's a last minute recording of Xi Zhu's collection for Summer Spring 2015.

Please pardon my shaky hands  ^^

A video with the maestro, Xi Zhu himself in it!
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