Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2015

The Fashion Festival (Opening Ceremony)

As you may have known from my Instagram, I have been spending my previous two days on the first row of The Luxurious Trans Hotel Resort Ballroom, watching the most waited Fashion Event in Bali.
Yes, it's nonetheless than The Annual Fashion Festival Bali 2015.

And this is actually my first time coming the as a Blogger, rather than a normal guess. Believe me, it's a fantastic feeling. Some of the outfits are even so breathtaking that it feels like my heart literally stop beating for a few seconds, and that's exactly how the fashion world seems to me. I am like a kid in a candy store.

This is how the ballroom looks like from my point of view

I'm so ready for the show!

I'm wearing my self-designed oriental one sleeve dress for the event, what do you think about it?

A picture at the wall of fame with my girls before the show, Tabitha Budiman & Michelle Yagami <3

Met these awesome Bali fashion bloggers as well, Kak Collin & Kak Yonas

Anyway, I am only going to do a preview and post a snippet of my favorite outfit from each designers here, but to spice things up I will post about each designer's style and my thoughts about it starting from tomorrow on wards! And if you don't want to miss it, I suggest you better stay tune and follow my blog, ladies and gentlemen ;)

Enough with my chit chats about how I feel, why don't I start showing you some of my best shots of The Fashion Festival from where I am sitting! And I do hope you get an idea of how I feel!

In total, there were 6 designers with 6 different styles that went on stage last night. And the first and one of my most favorite designer is Mona Al Mansouri from from United Arab Emirates. The picture on top and below here are two of her amazing works.

The next one is done by Xi Zhu a Chinese Designer who specialize in Men's Wear.

Moving on to the most unique part of the show by Heads of State Millinery who's well known for their amazing headpieces from Singapore.

And here's a local brand from Indonesia, Fern the new Batik.

Next on the row is Julia Milan's distinctive design, a collection with a statement.

Last but not least, another local brand from Indonesia by Danjyo Hiyoji. This is my personal fave cause I even bought 2 pieces of his masterpiece.

Stay tune for my next blog update!

Warm hugs,


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  1. Cool review! such a great night, moga2 taon depan bareng lagi, Clara :*