Senin, 24 Agustus 2015

Mona Al Mansouri

Mona Al Haute Couture collection was definitely my personal favorite runway from the opening ceremony of  The Fashion Festival Bali. Actually I think this she is the only designer that presented a haute couture collection in the whole event. Such a bold move Mona, I must say. Cause honestly it doesn't suit the Bali life that much.

But I owe her a big thanks for taking me and all the other audience out of this world for a few minutes. Her dresses were so magical to my eyes. Actually this is the first time I see a haute couture runway live in front of my eyes, so pardon me if I sound a little exaggerating.

A Brief Introduction

Mona Al Mansouri's garments shimmer in the elegance the United Arab Emirates is famous for. Haute couture ball gowns and an extraordinary bridal collection ignite the princess within. Each piece Mansouri designs demands it be worn while dripping in diamonds and attending red carpet events.


My personal thoughts about Mona Al Mansouri

I love how detailed her works are but sometimes I think it get's overly (too much detail for me). The color combination were bright and eye catching. My favorite color combination have to be the gold and light pink in the few top pictures of my post. I am also a big fan of tutu so it's definitely a yes for all her tutu dresses. Over all her whole collection was really unique and girly. Which is one of the reason that I love it so much I guess. Cause her dresses makes the model looks like princesses from all over the world and It makes me wanna be a princess myself.

One thing that distinct her from all the other designers is the word 'innovative'. There are a few dresses that you can just take off the clips to the skirt and it magically turns into a jumpsuit, a mini dress or something more casual. Two thumbs up for this, Mona!

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It really means a lot to me, Thank you!

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  1. Beautiful delicate collections...