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Tex Saverio x Love Bonito

Hello there lovely readers! How are you all doing?
I hope you guys are having a wonderful time where ever you are.

Finally I'm posting about this event! Yes, It's the launch of Tex Saverio x Love Bonito ready to wear collection! This event actually happened a few weeks ago when I was still on my Jakarta Trip. I'm terribly sorry for the delay to this post. Some of you who follows me on instagram would have probably seen a few sneak peeks about it, but here's the full detail..

You are probably wondering who's that guy on the picture above with me, well now let me introduce you to Tex Saverio or the Alexander McQueen of Indonesia some may say. And honestly, he's my personal favorite designer of all time. His designs have been worn by International celebrities such as Kim Kadarshians and the iconic singer Lady Gaga. He was actually also one of the designers who designed Jennifer Lawrence's wedding dress from the hunger games sequel, Catching Fire. So he's someone you definitely want to remember if you are into the fashion industry. Meeting him in person is definitely a dream come true.

But this couldn't happen if I didn't receive an invitation from Claradevi Handriatmadja, one of Indonesia's top fashion blogger, well known for her blog lucedaleco. So I owe a big thanks to her for that! Claradevi and Sonia Eryka (also a top fashion blogger from Indonesia!) both held a giveaway with the prize of attending a meet up with them + the tickets to the launch of Tex Saverio x Love Bonito for 5 lucky winners. Which adds up to 10 random lucky ladies and I feel so lucky to be one of them!

So what we did first before the event was met up at Bakerzin, Plaza Indonesia. I was super excited for this event and ended up coming the earliest, lol. At first it was just me and Claradevi. It's a little bit funny when we first introduced ourselves since we both have the same name :p Then the other girls including Sonia started coming one by one.

We talked about lots of things, starting from blogging, astrology signs, make up, hair products and so much more! I made lots of new friends and met some inspiring ladies! The most interesting part about it to me is, each of us have different passions like for example there was Livia Leonardo who was a Photographer and helped me took my ootd for this occasion and there was also Ancilla Queena who turns out to be a vlogger. I always love meeting new people sharing ideas and thoughts about everything we're passionate about.

It also took me by surprise how warm and humble Claradevi and Sonia Eryka turns out to be. This was actually my first time meeting them in person and it just made me idolize them even more. They shared lots of useful ideas and past experienced to us. I really hope I could be as inspiring as them one day!

Me and Sonia Eryka
Me and Claradevi Handriatmadja

Some toilet mirror selfies before the show! :D

Here are a few shots of the collections on the runway!

Which one is your favorite?

Group photo with the man behind the new amazing collection! So adorable and young yet incredibly talented! So lucky to finally meet him in person <3

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  1. text saverio nya astaga oh my god, nice post clar!!!

  2. nice article! i love fashion and text saverio also my fav designer :)