Jumat, 24 Juli 2015

Utama Spice

Hi there amazing readers! Today I'm going to talk about this wonderful event that I went to a few days ago. This was also the first time I hang out with some lovely bloggers from Bali just like myself. Well actually most of them are beauty bloggers but we still have a common ground as bloggers based in Bali of course. Specials thanks to my lovely friend, Maria Stella for taking me to this event.

Here are some pictures I took of their Sanur located store. I guess the theme of the store is back to nature and it works really well for me! I like it a lot :)

Have you heard of Utama Spices? It's a lovely traditional skin care based in Ubud, Bali that I just found out about. I used to see some of their lip balms on the cashier desk of Pepito Supermarket but never really get the chance to try them and now I totally regret it! Cause I just learned that their Products are made of 100% natural ingredients. They focus on applying ancient Balinese knowledge to create products that not only enhance's your skin natural beauty, but also your mind to consider the beauty of nature. They never use parabens, chemical binders, or any other synthetics in their products. But instead, they make everything by hand from scratch. So I can assure you that it's totally safe for your skin. And the best part is it's totally affordable! And I thought I couldn't love this product any better.. 

Until I found out that we can customize and even create some of their products in front of our ver own eyes!!! Isn't that amazing? I always have a thing for DIYs, it makes me feel that the product that I use is specially designed for myself, and it makes me much more satisfied and happier when I apply it on my skin. Do you feel the same way dear?

Okay let's get started in talking about the event. The event was held on the 19th of July. And firstly, I'll tell you how did I get there. Since there was a church gathering with the same time as the event, my brother and my mother had to use the car and unfortunately I have to take a cab and spent 150K about 15USD since I live in Jimbaran and that's quite far from Utama Spice. My regret was not using grab taxi which was on promotion and would only cost me 15K which is equivalent to about 1,5USD, so cheap right? :')

But trust me this event was totally worth it, so no regrets at all :3 I was the earliest one to reach Utama Spice so I was able to take tons of picture of the shop (please don't get bored of them :p). That was also when I get to meet Kak Ria, one of the creative owners of Utama Spice and also the one who's going to guide and accompany us through out the event.

The event was held on the second floor of the store which is actually a boutique, but Kak Ria creatively transformed it into a beautiful place for a tea party!

Take a look at those sandwiches! Yum!

The first thing that we created was our own tea. So we just fill in an empty jar with all sorts of spices that we want. We can just pour hot water on to it or we can boil it for a stronger flavor, it'a up to your preference. The best part about customizing our own tea is we know exactly the usage of each spice like for example star anise helps us to loose weight and cardamon prevents us from catching a cold or 'masuk angin'. So we make sure that we consume the right type of spices according to our body needs.

A jar filled with tea spices just for me!

Happy Tummy! :D
Been gaining a lot of weight lately >.<

After we finish doing this we moved on to our high tea session! It was lovely, the food that they served us was amazing, my favorite were the scones. Honestly it's the best scones I've ever tasted! Here's a picture of what I tried there and sorry that my plate look a little messy, cause I ate the scones with some jam+whip cream first and dirty my plate :p

While enjoying our soothing lemongrass tea and eating some small bites, we took turns making our customized lip balm. For the lip balms, they have three different type of bases which are cinnamon, orange leaves, and peppermint. I like the smell of cinnamon best so I chose cinnamon and added some of lavender and rose essential oils to bring out a better scent. I have tried the lip balm and it moisturizes my lips pretty well, i just love the fact that it's chemical free!

See those two funny looking pots at the back? That's what they use to melt the lip balm bases.

Look at the variety of essential oil fragrances that you can choose, there's a lot of them aren't they? 

Moving on, it was time to make our own body scrub, and once again I combined different ingredients according to the labels on the jars and create the perfect scrub for my skin type. You can make it rough or soft or somewhere in the middle, and determine how exfoliating do you want it to be. I also managed to make them in different layers to make the jar colorful and eye catching.

Then for the bath salt, liquid soap and body mist we used drops of essential oils by our choice and create a scent that appeals to our body and mind. My favorite scents were bergamot, orange, lemon, rose, mint and lavender. Orange and lavender actually have a really intense scent so I make sure I only use a little bit of them. The truth is, my heart always beat a little faster when the mix the whole ingredients and wait on how the smell turned out to be. Super excited but my fingers are crossed. Luckily all of them turned out really well, but my favorite got to be the liquid soap. The scent of the liquid soap was really fresh and relaxing at the same time. And until today, I can't resist not using in and planning to create another one in the future. Although to be honest, it's not as soapy and foamy as your usually shower gel, I couldn't make that much bubble out of it. But what matters the most is that we know that our skin is in good hands right? Cause maintaining a healthy skin is my first priority, don't you feel the same way lovely readers?

I think that sums up this lovely experience that I had with Utama Spice, I look forward to trying some more of their amazing products. If you are interested in purchasing them, beside their stores, they sell some of their products in Pepito (Bali), Zalora (Online), Lazada, and Guardian. You can also order through their website. But you can only make customized products in their Bali based stores in Sanur and Ubud. For Jakarta Area, they have their stores in Alun-alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia and Aeon Mall, BSD.

Utama Spice

Jl. Kaja Kauh No.8
Banjar Pengosekan. Mas Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Tel : (0361) 975 051
Email : info@utamaspicebali.com

A glimpse of my outfit for this event

That's all for now, I hope you find this post useful..
Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Lots of Love,


Senin, 20 Juli 2015

Palm Trees

Just the smell of summer can make me fall in love - Anonymus

Hi there lovely readers! Can you feel the summer vibes?

This is my second summer inspired look on the blog. I've always loved leaves and palm trees printed clothing, to me they just scream out the word "SUMMER"! And reminds me of everything that I like to do in summer. Like drinking coconut, putting on my best swimsuit and going to the beach with my friends, and get-togethers in a cozy villa. Are all the things that I have said is on your Summer to-do-list?

Actually one of my favorite thing to do in summer is update my blog with some summer looks! So I really hope you enjoy posts like this cause I'm planning to do more in the future :3

Anyway, talking about this look, the varsity jacket that I'm wearing actually belongs to my little sister, she is 6 years younger than me and way way thinner than I am. But luckily this jacket fits me just well cause I love it so much and on the other hand, my little sister doesn't really like it. I think this beauty definitely fits in my closet better! <3

Fyi, these pictures were taken by Magga! My friend who used to take pictures for my earlier posts on the blog. He has always been such a patient and loyal photographer. And I say that because I complains a lot about my pictures and don't get satisfied easily, so he usually takes tons of pictures for me for just one look. So happy that I'm finally reunited with this lovely photographer! And the best part is, he even has upgraded his camera! So say hello to better pictures! YAY!

Aviator Sunnies - Mango
Halter neck - Made-by-order
Printed Jacket - ASOS
Leather Skirt - H&M
White Shoes - Unbranded
Black Watch - Swatch

You have reached the end of this post, thank you so much for stopping by!

Enjoy your sunny summer while it last everyone! :)



Selasa, 14 Juli 2015

Blue Skies

How are you enjoying the blue skies lately my wonderful readers?

It's finally up! My first look for this summer!
Actually this was an unplanned ootd that I took in front of my house after meeting my lovely blogger friend, Graciella Shiaryn from Jakarta.
These pictures were taken by my brother in a hurry cause we were about to go out with the whole family. But here we go...

This is also the first ootd on the blog with my purple hair. What do you think about it? Do you like it lovely readers? I dyed it by myself using Manic Panic Classic Ultra Violet. It fades out really quickly though. It has only been a week and my hair has already turn grayish, not a vibrant purple anymore.

Aviator Sunnies - Mango
Kimono Cardigan - RPM
Belt - Moschino
Tank top & shorts - Body & Soul
Sandals - Ipanema

Have a lovely summer!



Selasa, 07 Juli 2015

Monochromatic Me

Hi there wonderful readers!
This is actually just a continuation of my previous post. It's my OOTD look for Tex Saverio x Love Bonito event. Since Claradevi told us that she'll be wearing all black and we could all go matchy-matchy like a girl gang. I also dressed my best in black of course!

This look is actually inspired by Japanese school girls. I tried to create a kawaii look with a touch of black. Does it look mysterious enough to you? 

This is actually my last post with my half-blonde hair since I have dyed it into purple.

So I guess I should say goodbye to my blonde self.. You've been a good companion, my dear hair.

Special thanks to my lovely friend Livia Leonardo for helping me take these pictures. What a talent she have there in photography. I really think that she could go big one day! :D

Black Beret, Shirt & Skirt - Online Store
Black Stockings - Bought in Japan
Hairy Goat Skin Backpack - Charlotte Chen Store
Black Pump Shoes - New Look

That's all for now! 

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope your days are filled with joy!