Minggu, 28 Juni 2015

As White As Snow

The color white is the absence of memory.
 - Stephen King

Hey there lovely readers! It's finally time for another #OOTD post, yayy..
I have been so in love with white color lately, and have been wearing lots of them these past few days. This look is actually inspired by a childish wish of mine to experience snow. Since I live in the middle of the equator line, it's almost summer every day here and pretty much impossible to experience snow. So here it is..

Actually this look is more suitable for a spring look but I'm not sure if the season has changed to summer there in the northern hemisphere. The season have changed a lot in the past few years, mainly because of Global Warming I guess. So it's pretty hard to predict what season the other continent are experiencing at the moment. But it's still pretty chilly here in the southern hemisphere, and I know that because the wind from Australia give us a pretty cold and breezy weather here in Indonesia. How's the weather there in your country?

During winter season this outfit will also work perfectly with some stockings and a warm trench coat. For the stockings I would prefer darker color because it gives your legs a slimmer look and pops out the dress even more since it's in a light color. And for the coats I prefer classic colors and here is my top color chart for coats: black, beige, maroon, navy blue, emerald green and mustard yellow. Did I mention any color of your favorite coats?

Here's a closer look of the purse and the pump shoes.

These picture are taken by all of my three little siblings, Richard, Catherina, and Peter. So happy that they would love to get involved in the process of making this blog post.

Actually, I was planning to do a psychology section to share my love of psychology and learning about people minds here in my blog. I thought that it wouldn't do any harm to talk about my personal thoughts and ideas related to psychology. Especially since I will be a psychology student as well. What do you think about it, lovely readers? I bet it would be so much fun :D

Beret hat, Ruffle Socks and Lace Dress - Online store
Goat Skin Purse - Charlotte Chen Store
Pump Shoes - Moschino

You have reached the end of this post!

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day! :)



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