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Black & Red Cherry Themed

Nail Art Tutorial

Hello there, lovely readers!
I'm so sorry for not posting after a while..
umm.. actually you can't consider that as a while, can you?
after a long time ago?
is that fair enough?

well it has been more than 6 months i guess since my last post.
and for my first blog comeback (just made that up :p)
I made my very first nail art tutorial!!

After being so busy during my first year being a university student in one of the busiest city in Indonesia, Jakarta. I've finally got some free time, well to be honest it's way too much free time and more than I needed. And you're probably wondering why..

The reason is basically because I'm transferring University, and I have to wait all the way until next February for my class to start. My new university would be located in Perth, West Australia and they don't have the same curriculum that we have here in Indonesia. So after being a full time busy student for 6 months, now I'm having a gap year and I could do whatever I've always wanted to do. I can promise you that you will see more of my blog from now on.

I think I have talked more than I should so now let's continue to our main topic, my cherry nail art tutorial, the theme here is basically black & red, two of my favorite color :D This is my first nail art post so I'm apologizing for the lack of professionalism in my post. It's not neat and a little bit unclear, I'm trying my best and I will do better next time, but I do hope that you also enjoy reading this one. So here it goes..

1. First of all, you have to prepare for the materials that you will need.

Here's a list of the materials that I used:

  • Sally Hansen Nail Hardener (as a base coat)
  •  Face Shop Black Nail Polish
  • Etude House Nail Top Coat
  • Oumaxi Acrylic Paint (Green, Red & White)
  • Some Small Size Paint Brush
  • Some Stripping Tape

Here's a description of the paint brushes that I used (left to right)
  • The first one is actually very thin and it can be used for making lines.
  • The second one is not actually a brush since it doesnt have any hair, it has a round metal tip, some may refer to it as a dotting tool, it is used to make dots. 
  • The third one it a flat rectangular shaped brush, it is used to make straight lines.
  • The last one is a brush with a sharp tip, this type of brush really work well for giving final touches and extra detail to your nail but it is not as thin as the first brush.
Tips: You can recycle your old eyeliner brush or even use a toothpick instead if you don't have any paint brushes since in the end they all have the same purpose.

This is a closer look at the  stripping nail stickers. And below is another type of stripping nail, but they both have the same usage.

Okay now let's move on to the next step!

2. Apply a Base Coat. This is an important step to keep your nails strong and healthy. I don't usually use the normal base coat, i prefer to use Nail Hardener or Nail Vitamins. The reason is because they have multiple function. I used Sally Hansen  Nail Hardener this time.

3. Apply your base color and let it dry. While waiting for my nails to dry I usually watch my favorite TV series or Korean Drama for about 15 mins. This prevent me for using my fingers and accidentally ruining my nail polish since I'm a pretty clumsy person and i can't stay put.

 4. Stick some of the stripping tape on your index finger nail. The covered parts of your nail will remain black.

5. Over lap the black paint and the stripping tape with white Nail polish, but since I forgot where did I last put my white nail polish, I am using the Oumaxi White Acrylic Paint with my third brush. If you notice, there are actually some red lines on my index finger nail, you can ignore that because I was trying to make some outlines but it turns out to be better without it so I ended up covering  them up with some more white paint.

6. While waiting for your white paint to dry, make big red dots on your thumb. middle finger, and ring finger using the fourth brush, these dots will be your cherry fruits.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures for there next few steps since I had so much fun and got carried away. When I realized it, my nails were done and there's no way that I could take some pictures. But I will describe it to you any way as clear as possible.

7. When your white paint on your index finger has dried up. You can pull out the stripping tape. And there you have your black and white index finger. One done four more to go!

8. Next is the green cherry branches. I used Oumaxi Green Acrylic Paint and the third brush for this part. Carefully draw straight lines connected to your cherries to imitate how a real cherry fruit looks like.

9. Using the second brush / a dotting tool / a toothpick make the little white dots with the Oumaxi White Acrylic Paint. Don't forget to give an extra touch on your cherry fruits by adding a little white line, I used the first brush for this step.

10. Lastly, apply top coat when it's all dried up so that your nail art would last longer. I used Etude House  Nail Top Coat for this step. And voila there you have your There-Goes-The-Cherries Nail Art!

Thank you for reading, I hope it will be useful, see you next time!



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