Sabtu, 24 Mei 2014


'Clara Naava Wijaya' is what's written on my birth certificate. People call me Clara for shortI'm 18 years young and I may look better in pictures. But loving me in person will still be a great temptation. I just graduated from High School in the Island of the Gods (YESH IT'S BALI!), and will return to my hometown for Uni on August in the Capital City of Indonesia, Jakarta. Looking forward to meeting other fashion blogger in the city of Kerak Telor!!!

I created this blog to share my passion for fashion. Sometimes I self design my dresses and not all of my clothes are branded. But of course that doesn't make me less of a blogger, cause fashion inspiration comes from any form of clothing right? :D But i also can't guarantee you that everything will be about the fashion world. I will also share my thoughts and ideas through this blog. I hope this blog can inspire you and make your days better ;)

I'm the girl in red. These photos were taken a year ago on my sweet 17th birthday, and just in case you were wondering why would I use such old photos, it's simply because that was the day that i look prettiest in my entire life hahaha (or at least I felt so :p)

Red is my favorite colour and yes, I self designed the dress, do you like at as much as I do? :D

Photo Courtesy of Magga Putra Chandra 



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  1. Hi babeeee
    Love your blog header , keep writing and updating cintaahhh